Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jacob, Job, and Babies!

A vacation from my blog.


That's where I've been, on vacation from my blog. I've thought each day about something, anything to post. There's been nothing.

I've thought about writing about Jacob, or Job. They've been on my mind a lot. A lot, a lot. I've joined a friend in reading The Chronological Bible in a Year. I have to admit that as I've been reading Job, the thought has crossed my mind to skip ahead. I even told Mark I was tired of hearing Job complain...maybe I'm with high school kids too often (or just the ones who complain)! But Job isn't about Job complaining, it's about a man, sold out to God, who wants his God, my God, to restore him. To bless him. To find him faithful. Job wasn't about to give up.

Then there is Jacob. As Mark and I were going to bed one night I commented on the life of Jacob...born grabbing Esau's heel, tricked Isaac into giving him Esau's birth goes on. Jacob's life reflects the love of God to bless a fallen man...a fallen men...a fallen nation. How Great is Our God!

There's more...when I can put it into words I'll post more.

For now, a celebration of life! Many of you know I have a dear friend who was born with a heart condition. A few years ago she had open heart surgery. The heart condition keeps her from carrying her own children. She and her husband have spent the last few years working with a facility in California/Colorado to use a surrogate to have their children. It's been a long process and through it they have seen several friends have babies (us included). I have cried with her, grieving her womb that will remain forever silent. I have rejoiced with her as finances poured out allowing them to continue the journey. I have prayed for her, shouted with her, and watched the Lord humble her heart and spirit. It really has been a journey. We celebrate now, her baby (or babies) are now 4 weeks old, and growing. They have a long time to grow until we see them outside the womb, but I am celebrating with Becca and John for the life...or lives that we will see in 9 months!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One of THOSE Moms


It happened.

Noah and I went to the grocery store to buy food for a local family who is in great need.

We came out.

Noah was put in the car seat, with Yo Gabba Gabba playing along.

He took my keys.

I left the back door open...ajar.

I put the cart in the cart holder.

That's when I heard it.



CLICK?!?! CLICK?!?!?

My brain couldn't process. The door, the door...I left it the click of my car doors locking shouldn't be a problem.


The door was shut enough to lock.

Noah. The keys. The locked doors.

I called Mark. I asked a bag boy to run inside and get call the police.

A former student came out and stood with me while we waited for the police.

I was one of THOSE moms. How could it have happened?

In the end, Noah was fine. In fact he laughed and danced in his car seat, waiving the keys around as the police officer, Kaley, and I watched and waited for the master locksmith came. Noah was probably in there a total of 15 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. Who would have known that the money we invested in one of those car DVD players would entertain my son who had locked himself in the car while I stood helplessly by.