Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Praise Him in This Storm

I know, the title to a Casting Crowns' song...but really, this title is literal for me today! Last night I sat in the living room too exhausted to move from the chair once we put Noah down for the night.

I told Mark that I didn't know how we would get laundry done, get packed, "insert task here"...and in the end, I really didn't care. I went to bed...at 8:00.

This morning I got up for my quiet time, made myself a cup of yummy flavored coffee (which really made me think of mornings with Julie back the FBC Bryan days), put on my headphones, pulled up a Beth Moore Bible study and asked the Lord to prepare me for the day.

Then it happened...the call...school was closed for a snow day! Praise God...really!!! I didn't anticipate it (yes, I knew we were expecting snow, but we live in Missouri and they don't close school for an inch of snow...but they did today!).

Noah and I stayed home together.

He helped me by transferring my hose to Mark's sock drawer and Mark's socks to my drawer.

He helped close the dryer door just when I needed him too, and he made sure that the living room would still need picked up tonight as it does every night.

So...here are the results of the day:

I am praising Him for this storm!! I can't wait to see my Texas family and friends in less than a week!!