Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How Will They Remember Me?

There are countless incredible women who have touched my life, ministered to my heart, handed me tissue after tissue, loved me, prayed for me, laughed with me, and shared memory after memory with me. Today I chose four of those women to celebrate.

My Mom
My mom is the first woman to hug me, the first to pet my hair, the first to comfort me, the first to laugh with me and the first to love me. My mom was the woman who told me that the Easter Bunny didn't exist. She told me that friends would come and go. She also taught me that talking on the phone wasn't such a bad thing and that you can cry at any movie you want to. She fought the school when I couldn't hold my pencil correctly and came to every class the room mother. She probably tried to embarrass me in front of my friends, but I can't remember it. She taught me how to cook, how to sew, and how to clean house before going on vacation. She taught me to forgive easily and love deeply. She also taught me that love truly does cover a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). When I leave her I cry a deep cry no matter how old I am. I love you Mom.

My Sister
My sister is the woman who taught me that if you don't want pulled around the house on a rope you better learn to walk. She taught me that gum doesn't come out of long blond hair. She taught me that no matter how hard you try you can't roll down a hill in somersault fashion and that if you are told to ride a bike down a big hill without training wheels and without knowing how to use the brake, you probably shouldn't do it-- no matter how much you want in the bike club. She taught me that worms do survive in books and that no matter how mad you are you shouldn't swing trash. She organized my first surprise party. She watched every scary movie ever filmed with me and she ate Doritos and drank Pepsi with me every New Year's Eve for years. She played dolls with me, passed me notes under my bedroom door, and rode bikes with me until our legs turned to jello. My sister also taught me that family matters and that giving from the heart gives the most joy. She taught me that distance can make a relationship stronger and that she makes the best aunt to our dog Dixie and would make an even better aunt if we were ever to have a baby. I love you Helen!

My College Roommate
I had countless college roommates, some more like me than others. Cynthia moved in with me after telling me I had split ends and that she had RATS living with her in her apartment...uninvited I should add. She taught me that no matter how poor you are you should always keep your hair healthy. She taught me that it is OK to drive a sherbet-orange Pinto with brown stains on the hood...especially when it is pouring rain outside. She taught me that you shouldn't mix gold an silver...even though this is no longer a fashion error. She taught me that belts are accessories and they should match your shoes. She taught me that friends share their last dollar and buy two tacos for $1. She taught me that friends pet friend's hair the way my mom used to. She taught me that sweat pants should not be worn to class unless you are sick, or have planned the outfit to look like you have been up all night...even if you hadn't. She taught me that no matter what you do true friends never leave you, but will correct your stupid mistakes. She taught me that no man is worth giving up who you are, what you believe in, or your pride. I love you Cynthia!

The Friend Who Knows My Heart
Not a college roommate, or a cousin, or sister, or co-worker, it is Lisa Smith who is the final woman I celebrate today. Lisa taught me that weight has nothing to do with being beautiful and that even women at their ideal weight can still battle weight issues. She taught me that I have worth in the Lord and that He delights in me (Psalms 147:11). She taught me that true beauty comes from loving and serving a Risen Lord and that there truly is nothing greater than being in the presence of Jesus. She stood beside me and worshipped with me, held my head up when I couldn't, and sang with me on the worship team...even thought we couldn't keep the beat. She lifted me in prayer time and time again when I was weary. She taught me that a Godly woman truly is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30). She cried with me when Mark left to do ministry in Branson, she cried with me when we realized a season was ending in our friendship, and she cried with me when the Lord allowed us to enter a new season. She taught me that there are friends who know your heart without uttering a word. I love you Lisa!

You can learn all about Lisa at:
She was my inspiration for starting my blog!