Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Brings...

Craziness! I can't begin to explain what happened without saying that the Lord is gracious and compassionate and we are forever thankful for the abundant blessings that come from every trial we are put through!!

So, fall. We found out in August that Noah's daycare provider was getting married to a wonderful man whom we quickly grew to love. That being said, I cried hard for days. Noah started going to Nancy as a baby and he loved, loved going. When we found out we called another friend of ours who also runs a private daycare. She had a waiting list of 1 1/2 years! More tears! In the end, this choice came open and Noah is starting his 3rd week with Vicki.

Noah's first week there we received a letter saying that the previous week a young girl there was diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. No problem...Noah wasn't even there then. Wednesday I picked Noah up and he had bitten his lip...boys. Friday I picked him up and he was running 100.6 temp. He screamed and kept crying "Owie". Saturday we called the doctor and took Noah in. The doctor told us he had a couple canker sores from biting his lip. We went home to a weekend of screaming, no sleeping, no eating, and no drinking.

Monday Noah headed to daycare again, hoping routine would kick in and peer pressure would get him to eat. By Tuesday he was eating again, although beginning to dehydrate, he was really on the road to recovery.

Tuesday night I came down with a sore throat...and multiple canker sores. Mark came down with the same. Stress was our diagnosis. Wednesday came and I was no longer able to eat and I had weird, unexplained blisters on my feet. Thursday...same. I was down to drinking broth. Mark...mashed potatoes. Friday we went out, I painfully tried to eat. Mark commented on the strange coincidence of us both having these bizarre canker sores. We went to Starbucks and I asked for hot tea to cure a sore throat instead of the yummy Pumpkin Spice Latte. Saturday I woke up with blisters on my hands...we have Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease...and no doubt, Noah did as well.

Despite everything, we had plans to go to the pumpkin patch...which we did! Here are some fun photos from our weekend, and while late for us, fall is officially beginning!